Biogas Collection And Utilization Project

Biogas Collection And Utilization Project
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Shanghai silo specialized in biogas collection and utilization project.Using waste to create resources again, has brought great changes to our lives, for example can make use of biogas to generate electricity, boiling water, cook, factory production, heating farms, greenhouse cultivation, the output power can be sold to country, even the waste can be used to make organic fertilizer sales.

Biogas is a kind of clean and efficient renewable energy.The development of biogas in farm and rural is very important, not only to facilitate our lives, but also to improve the ecological environment.Biogas can not only solve the problem of rural energy, but also increase the organic fertilizer resources, improve the quality and increase the efficiency of fertilizer, so as to improve crop yield and improve soil.The use of biogas can save a lot of organic matter, such as straw and hay, so as to produce livestock feed and raw materials for paper making and handicraft industry.The establishment of biogas can reduce the phenomenon of randomly cutting down trees and shoveling grass, protect vegetation, and make the agricultural production system gradually develop into a benign cycle.The establishment of biogas is conducive to purifying the environment and reducing the occurrence of diseases.This is because in ferment process, the bacterium in excrement and urine of person and animal dies in great quantities, make environmental sanitation condition gets improvement.Cooking with biogas lighting, both save family economic expenditure and housewife farming time, reduce labor intensity.The use of marsh manure can improve the quality of agricultural products, increase economic income, reduce agricultural pollution, and lay a foundation for the production of pollution-free agricultural products.

Biogas project is becoming one of the important channels of increasing farmers' income.

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