Anaerobic Tank

Anaerobic Tank
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The anaerobic tank which Shanghai silo produced has the advantages: low covers an area, high organic load, stronger impact-resistant ability, more stable operation performance and easier management. Aerobic tank is suitable for the characteristics of high concentration organic wasted water treatment, such as corn starch wasted water,citric acid wasted water, beer wasted water, potato alcohol wasted water and processing wasted water. Anaerobic tank realizes its own internal circulation, circulation can reach 10-20 times of inflow water because of circulating water and inflow water in the reaction at the bottom of the tank fully mixing, consequently the organic matter concentration at the bottom of reaction tank is reduced, so as to improve the impact resistance of the reaction tank capacity; at the same time, the large amount of water also makes the bottom sludge expand, which ensures the full contact between the organic matter and the microorganism in the wasted water; then improves the treatment load.