What Is The Principle Of The Manufacture Of Large Steel Silos?

According to our technical improvements, we use the different definition of the title of the Steel Silo, the title from the 2003 "cement" magazine before the 30th page of the "large steel plate to solve the storage problem of cement production" title of the season , We together to learn a large Steel Silo manufacturing principle is what

1 advanced design:

The diameter of the Steel Silo can be designed 20-60 meters, there are special needs can also be increased. Height ratio is generally between 1: 1.5. Second, the unique structure: the base for the cylindrical, upper and lower base segment type, cone-shaped barrels.

2 storage capacity: a single capacity of 1-10 tons.

3 Advanced production systems: a new pneumatic system, pneumatic pressure will be transferred to the specified location of the material.

4 less investment: Steel Silo can not only save about 50% of the building materials, and save land use area

5 safe and reliable: good vacuum sealing, long-term storage, so that material performance is not convenient.

6 energy saving: in the storage process using a set of dust collection system, the surrounding environment will not cause pollution.

7 widely used: not only for cement, fly ash reserves, but also storage of oil, chemical raw materials, food, feed and so on.

New Technical Points of Steel Silo

1: can solve the cement in the steel library wall temperature and humidity caused by cement hardening, physical indicators decline in technical barriers. This design effectively controls the temperature of the Steel Silo at an ambient temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius to 160 degrees Celsius, and the physical properties of the cement in the Steel Silo remain unchanged.

2: to solve the cement in the import plate and leakage of the guidelines. The design of the use of bottom polymer waterproof material technology in the Steel Silo in the two bases to strengthen the bottom of the waterproof plate, Steel Silo and base for the final barrier of corrosion-resistant waterproof material waterproof board, the above guidelines, base and bottom of the concrete waterproof impermeability. For the prevention and control of the design within the controllable range: for the first class of water level, the leakproof level 1 - in the P8 P12 steel plate 30,000 tons, in the steel plate between 5 - 200,000 tons.

3: In order to solve the cement in the steel on the complete discharge problem, the design uses a number of patented technology to ensure that steel on demand, timely discharge requirements of a smooth discharge, completely out of demand. Design targets: 1-3 million tons of Steel Silo emissions rate of 99.9% or more, 5 - steel above.