What Is The Effect Of Gasification Pipe In Large Steel Silo?

The seventh generation of large-scale environmental protection steel warehouse is the company's main push products, mainly by the base, the library, the gas is out of the material system, ancillary equipment, ancillary works of the five major components of the steel plate library wall steel from the uneven Steel plate butt welding welding, internal alignment, according to the different thickness of steel, using groove welding.

At present, there are many manufacturers of steel silo, each technology has its own strengths, there is no uniform standard, especially related to the effect of steel warehouse, and some discharge rate can reach more than 98%, and the operation of the process of this effect The impact of factors; some manufacturers discharge rate can only be about 80%, the operation of many factors will affect the discharge rate of discharge, there are even no material; steel warehouse out of the mainstream auxiliary equipment Gasification tube (fluidized rod) and gasification plate two, two kinds of equipment out of the mechanism is about the same, the pros and cons; gasification tube (fluidized rod) low price, the material effect is good, but the library light Material filling height requirements are higher, the general filling angle ≥ 30 °, this filling angle to ensure that the steel warehouse discharge rate, and the layout of the gasification pipe according to the size of the size of the difference is different, the general large diameter Of the steel plate gas pipe layout is divided into inside and outside the area, in order to ensure that according to the different material level to open a different gasification pipe partition, to avoid wasting air supply to ensure that the material emptying rate, gasification pipe by the galvanized pipe through layers Craft processing made, Plasticity is very strong, to reduce the steel warehouse out of dead ends, the layout of the density according to the different filling angle will have a greater difference, and some manufacturers do not distinguish, all the larger spacing of the layout of gasification tube, Gas supply process, the two gasification between the gas source is difficult to get through, resulting in low discharge rate. Gasification plate generally fill the angle of small, at about 15 °, by the gas flow to promote the material discharge, this kind of material is generally suitable for small diameter steel warehouse, the library near the scope of large angle filling, to prevent wall, Gasification plate and the material contact area is large, so the pressure will increase, in the course of repeated operation of the air there will be loose cloth phenomenon, so the gasification plate life is short, especially in the installation And transport the process to pay special attention to prevent loose cloth. Gasification board discharge effect in general, low emptying rate, high cost; layout as gasification tube flexible, so in the steel warehouse construction process, we devaluation gasification pipe (fluidized rod) cost generally 60 yuan / m The Both to save customers to build investment, but also save energy to reduce operating energy consumption, but also to ensure that the steel warehouse discharge rate.