What Are The Loads That Need To Be Calculated For Steel Silo?

According to years of experience in Steel Silo construction:

Steel silo is not meant to carry all the weight of things, it is a certain carrying capacity. The structural design of the steel silo should consider which loads:

1. Variable load: storage load, hanging roof cable load, warehouse and warehouse construction live load, snow load, wind load, etc .;

2. Permanent load: structural weight, fixed equipment and other heavy;

3. earthquake action.

A large steel silo is a building or building that is made of steel. Compared to the traditional warehouse, large Steel Silo has the following characteristics. Large Steel Silo, including Steel Silo, steel plate library, spiral plate warehouse, welded Steel Silo, and several other types. They have the following characteristics compared to reinforced concrete reservoirs.

First, the design of advanced: shape and internal structure of more than 20 patented scientific design concept, the library body diameter can be designed 20-60 meters, there are special needs can also increase. The ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1: 1.1 and 1: 1.5. According to the site and the requirements of the factory built a word, word type, font type, single row, or multi-row type warehouse (library) or warehouse (library) group.

Second, the unique structure: the library body for the cylindrical, the top of the library and the bottom of the ball for the lack of base for the round table barrel type.

Third, the storage capacity: a single capacity of 1-5 million tons, can set up a larger capacity of the reservoir group.

Fourth, easy storage: material storage according to different materials and the factory situation, can take the hoist storage, chute into the reservoir or pneumatic pipeline storage.

Fifth, the library out of the advanced: the large steel plate library of the public by the director, to design a new pneumatic out of the library system, by pneumatic pressure to the library material to the designated location.

 Six, the initial investment: due to take a number of patented technology, the use of the steel library can not only save about 50% of the building materials, but also save more than 60% of the land. The same time as the above-

Seven, safe and reliable: the use of vacuum sealed patented technology, cement storage within 9 months, the physical indicators remain unchanged. Storage for more than 18 months, in addition to a slight extension of the coagulation time and a slight reduction in the ability to resist, the other indicators remain unchanged.

Eight, energy saving and environmental protection: in the storage and delivery process using a patented dust removal technology, the surrounding environment will not cause pollution.

Nine, widely used: the multi-functional large Steel Silo (library) can not only be used in cement, fly ash reserves, you can also store oil, chemical raw materials, food, feed and so on.

10, economical and practical: less operating costs - the use of patented technology, the material out of energy consumption of 0.3-0.5 degrees; maintenance costs low - tons maintenance costs 0.1 yuan / year; long life - according to standard maintenance, you can use 50 Years or so.