The Maintenance Of The Steel Silo In Use

Steel Silo more and more widely accepted by the majority of customers, used in cement, fly ash, slag, clinker and other powder material storage, Steel Silo in the use of the process, may be more or less there will be many wear Degree, then this time, we need to be timely maintenance and warranty, because it is effectively extended, Steel Silo life of the important factors, any use of goods will be damaged, Steel Silo is no exception, then as long as we timely Maintenance and warranty, which will effectively increase the life of the Steel Silo, Steel Silo in the use of the process, it is normal to wear, then we understand the use of Steel Silo when the use of time to extend the use of time.

1. Check whether the warehouse wall is partially deformed.

2. Check the connection of the ribbed wall bolts.

3. Check the seal of the silo.

4. Check the door frame and the adjacent peripheral side panels.

5. Check the top of the ring, the process hole and other bolt connection parts are intact.

6. Check if the fastening bolts are loose and the gasket is damaged.

7. Check the surface corrosion and its sealing and so on.

Such as the above parts of the damage, rupture and other symptoms, according to the actual situation to take maintenance and repair, to prevent the accident.