The Discharging System Of The Steel Silo

One of the advantages of steel silo is unloading filter high, data show that the Steel Silo storage cement unloading filter is more than 95%, then the discharge system of Steel Silo silo is how to design, to achieve such a high discharge filter.

In the storage process, the powder material is affected by surface energy, the nearer the distance of the powder, the more the adsorption force, the smaller the micro-powder in the steel silo is restrained by the silo wall and the micro-powder itself, and the adsorption force of the micro-powder in the steel silo is greater. In actual production, due to the influence of water, the phenomenon of compaction and sticking is unavoidable, resulting in a lot of waste of resources.

The material out storehouse in the Steel Silo storehouse uses the way of the multiple point unloading, the advantage of the multi point discharging material is obvious. First of all, the blanking angle is large, the combination of force and gravity under the material, out of the material flow, high rate, to ensure that raw materials even if long-term storage can still normal discharge. Secondly, through the roots blower to provide the gas source, the flow rod continuously to the outside input gas, the storehouse material assumes the fluidization condition, prevents the compaction phenomenon occurrence, is advantageous to the material. Finally, as a result of a lot of material, when a fault occurs in a region, the material can be temporarily discharged from other areas, does not affect production, at the same time, the discharge port set reasonable, for the future maintenance of convenience.

The use of Steel Silo storage in foreign countries has been nearly a century of history, at present, nearly 95% of the Granary for Steel silo, in China's Steel Silo storage cement and fly ash development is relatively fast, in recent years, steel warehouse is also more and more for the storage of food.

Compared with reinforced concrete silo, steel silo has many advantages. First, the effect of grain storage is good, reinforced concrete silo in the prevention of rainwater leakage is not very satisfactory, food is very easy to damp moldy, and metal plate warehouse can easily control temperature and humidity, to prevent food spoilage. Second, less investment, metal steel silo weight only the concrete silo 1/10-1/6, the basic requirements of low, storage of the same volume of grain, the total investment is only the concrete silo 50%. Third, the use of convenient, metal Steel Silo warehouse with hoist can be automatically loaded, because the lower part of the cone, there is control switch, so the unloading of food is also very convenient. Four is the service life long, the metal Steel Silo storehouse is made by the high quality galvanized wind plate, never rusts, may use continuously for more than 30 years, when the Granary needs to move, loosens the bolt can.