The Demand For New Materials For Steel Silo Products

Steel Silo products to produce new materials, demand, mainly in the following areas:

As the market continues to increase the variety of efforts to develop, Tangshan Iron and Steel products in the domestic steel industry in the field of customers is also increasing. Under normal circumstances, the domestic Steel Silo users in the use of Steel Silo, the roof of the raw materials used by the thickness of 0.8mm, zinc layer thickness of not more than 200g / m2 can fully meet the normal use requirements. 275g / m2 thickness of zinc thin layer of structural-grade galvanized sheet prices higher, difficult to produce, to promote and produce a certain degree of difficulty.

In the production process, the Tangshan Steel Technology Center and the Cold Rolling Department are concerned with the large thickness of the coating, the difficulty of the zinc liquid composition to the production process, the reduction of the air knife pressure, the control of the zinc content on the strip surface, To ensure that the product quality to meet the standard requirements and user needs.

Steel Silo products commonly used in the early screening are: grid plate, mesh with the first clear screen, the first clear cylinder, double cylinder early screening and so on. Among them, the grid plate is generally placed on the mouth, both play a supporting role, but also to remove some of the larger impurities, such as: stones, linen films and so on. The mesh is only the equivalent of a layer of improved grid plate, can only clean up such as: stone, linen films, corn sticks and the like impurities, for light and small complex cleaning effect is relatively poor. So it is now less used. Cylindrical clear sieve shape is relatively compact, you can clean up most of the miscellaneous and some small mixed and light complex, but the cylinder early clear sieve production is small, generally only suitable for production in the 80t / h the following occasions.

Double-layer cylinder early screening because there are two inside and outside the screen tube, you can effectively clean up the miscellaneous and small miscellaneous, if equipped with a better dust network, you can effectively remove most of the light complex, while the equipment production (100-300t / h), so it is relatively good equipment, recommended to use.