The Advantages Of Grain Steel Silo

China is a big agricultural country, food storage is particularly important, at present our country's grain warehouse are subsidized by the provinces and cities or farmers self-built grain warehouse, easy to expose or water, once the steel warehouse equipment storage food questioned, That the steel plate temperature difference, warehouse wall thin, can not be safe storage of food. But through the test proved that as long as the control properly, steel warehouse has other warehouses can not go beyond the safety and reliability.

Grain Steel Silo warehouse wall, although thin, but the heat is fast, heat is also fast, grain storage temperature detection device, once the temperature has changed, can be properly handled. Food in the low temperature 5 ~ 15 ℃ custody, the effect is very good. Storage temperature according to the actual needs to maintain between 5 ~ 15 ℃, cooling power consumption of 4 ~ 6 ℃ / t grain. To master the food ventilation technology, coupled with some of the original food processing technology such as cleaning, screening, grading, suction dust, and a set of mature and complete management approach, such as inverted warehouse, warehouse automatically turn two systems , Can make the steel warehouse can be safe storage of grain.

Classification of Grain Steel Silo:

China's grain enterprises commonly used grain warehouse, thin-walled steel warehouse, concrete silo, brick warehouse and other three food depots, brick warehouses due to the construction of inconvenient and their own limitations, can only be used to build a small warehouse. Most of the grain warehouse for the thin-walled steel warehouse, the manufacture of Grain Steel Silo raw materials are black steel and galvanized steel, aluminum chrome board, coated steel, enamel steel, stainless steel, black steel plate with high strength, high corrosion Steel, to ensure the life of the warehouse, and can be applied to store a variety of materials.

Grain Steel Silo life is generally considered in the 20 to 50 years, but depending on the use and location and climate issues will affect the life of the warehouse, in order to extend the life of the steel warehouse, the wall will be hot-dip galvanized heat treatment or other layer of treatment , And then galvanized sheet into a corrugated shape, can greatly increase the warehouse strength, more durable.