The 15 Cleaning Measures Of Fly Ash Silo

1. Fly ash storehouse temporary warning signs erected at the construction   scope, should  not be allowed to construction beyond the specified scope of construction, irrelevant  personnel to enter the construction site is prohibited.

2. Close the fly ash storing pipe and wire bundle, hang up the warning sign.

3. Does not enter the grinding fly ash, the bottom of the rotor balance and  other downstream equipment to repair.

4. The rolls lighting lamps and lanterns from library top  level into the hole in the middle of the enter, lighting and cleaning personnel shall not contact lines.

5. Enter the fly ash of the rolls during cleaning, outside the library number is greater than 2:1 ratio and the number of the rolls, the external should appoint the guardianship.

6. Viewed from the top door library inside the material and the solid of the rolls a ladder of pile and library situation, after confirm the safety, before entering.

Into the fly ash silo construction personnel should wear the labor protection articles, including goggle, dust mask, labor insurance shoes, helmet, etc.

8. Personnel into the house of the rolls, fasten the safety rope, a fixed outside the library on dust collector, a fixed rolls on the ladder.

9. Start clear library, see flow conditions, feed mill; If the traffic is too small, the upper rotor balance put ash pipeline installation, put to fly ash mixed with slag mixed materials for mixed material.

10. In the first iron rods, compressed air at the bottom of tong; Then in the compressed air to blow of library be pound; Into the library to use compressed air to blow, long sticks tong, finally used shovels, picks and so on, at first people far from material to, take precautions against mindfully.

11, if you need such as high altitude construction work in the house of the rolls which should strictly abide by the relevant provisions on aerial work.

12. It is prohibited to use dynamite to clean up the fly ash  storehouse.

13. If there are special circumstances, should formulate special rear can construction  safety measures.

14. Fly ash storehouse are cleared and experienced qualified based on the construction site after a thorough cleaning, after construction ends.

15. Matters not mentioned herein refer to relevant safety management regulations and relevant provisions.