Steel Silo Safe Storage Must Be Ventilated

As the spiral Steel Silo warehouse wall is thin, the inside and outside the room temperature difference, easy to condensation, people can be long-term safe storage of grain skeptical, but after the State Grain Bureau Zhengzhou Institute of Scientific Research found that part of the Steel Silo users as a result The appropriate ventilation and cleaning measures and improve the management of wheat, the longest storage of more than 3a there is no bad food phenomenon; some users due to supporting technical and management deficiencies, steel storage time of not more than 6 months occurred serious Pests and bad food accidents. So Liaocheng Huaan Steel Silo Co., Ltd., for farmers in the use of Steel Silo storage of food precautions, made a detailed description, please be sure to use the user before learning.

Steel Silo In the grain into the steel plate between the water must not be exceeded, we must meet the national standard for safe storage. (If the moisture is excessive, the moisture inside the grain pile shows the tendency from the inside of the grain to its surface, and then the air in the grain gap is slowly free, and the moisture of the food is more difficult to escape from the flow of air. Agglomerate aggregation, when the wet state to reach the saturation point when it began to condense, followed by fermentation and local temperature rise phenomenon, which in turn prompted the grain to release the water and accelerate the corresponding fermentation process, when the ambient temperature, Some dust, impurities, especially organic impurities to speed up the process, a serious threat to the safe grain storage. Food will rot).

Steel Silo Must be ventilated to ensure that food can be aerobic breathing, food is the organism of life, it has a breathing function.