Steel Silo Performance And Advantages

Material storage needs, the current market is more common is the Steel Silo, but the development trend of Steel Silo is far more than the concrete warehouse, Steel Silo performance and advantage is the best choice. Let's take a look at the contrast:

First, the warehouse design. As the reinforced concrete tank reinforced with steel, so the steel is very dependent, but in the steel-intensive areas, often need to design a special, very easy to quality problems of the layered process. Steel Silo warehouse combines the advanced scientific concept, the diameter of the warehouse can be designed according to their own, not hierarchical.

Second, the structural design. Due to the stabilization of the concrete bin, although the reinforcement is reinforced, but also had to be designed in the form of Pilamide, naturally reduce the storage space of the material. But the Steel Silo is usually cylindrical body state, the material storage area to maximize the increase, thereby reducing costs, Anyang Fulaier Steel Silo production of steel can be designed according to customer requirements, from 500 tons to 10,000 tons, if any Special requirements, you can also expand the warehouse.

Third, out of storage. Concrete storage is very inconvenient, because there are a lot of material storage process, should be treated differently, affecting the work of the process; according to customer demand design of the Steel Silo, you can take a different storage, full mechanization operation, but also to avoid a strong collision accident The

Investment capital. Capital is invisible reinforced concrete warehouse growth, the initial investment may be very little, but maintenance and post-maintenance is very expensive, the problem will often lead to the entire warehouse failure, seriously affecting the follow-up work; use of the most advanced science and technology, The integration of the Steel Silo, saving a lot of building materials, the same capacity of the warehouse, but to save land resources.

Five, safe. The body uses reinforced concrete warehouse, poor seismic capacity, especially the temperature conductivity, in extreme temperatures, inside and outside the warehouse prone to large temperature dew point and other serious problems, affecting the storage. Steel cabinet with vacuum sealing principle, greatly reducing the permeability, condensation or hardening of the situation.

      It is very important that the concrete warehouse, due to its own characteristics, is stored in a limited range of materials, and the steel silo does not take into account these factors, whether it is grain and oil steel silos, cement steel silos, fly ash Steel Silos, Warehouse, raw Steel Silo, and even chemical products can be stored, and its security is no doubt, so friends can rest assured.