Steel Silo Manufacturers To Introduce The Standard Requirements For Warehouse Foundation

The construction of Steel Silo Foundation is very important, how to standardize the construction of steel silo, steel silo manufacturers to give you a detailed description of the specific content.

The engineering geology and hydrological conditions of the steel silo construction area and the requirements of the steel silo on the foundation. such as the test of the quality and bearing capacity of the cast-in-place pile, the bearing capacity measured in the test pile Foundation should be carefully constructed and compared with the requirements of the design drawing. It is particularly important to determine a practical and easy to operate. To understand the standard of the large-scale steel silo construction, the variation of rock strata fluctuation, the different discrimination of the rock weathering layer by each exploration engineer, the use of the Engineering Geological Survey report to check and discriminate, and the effect of the actual effect of rock-socketed.

When determining the foundation treatment plan, we should comprehensively analyze the reinforcement mechanism, geologic and hydrological conditions, construction technology requirements, expected treatment effect, construction period and economic index, and select the best foundation treatment plan. Large-area load on soft soil foundation will usually cause large vertical subsidence, and with the large horizontal thrust, the destructive effect on the pile near the pile is produced. For the construction of steel silo on natural Foundation or Composite Foundation, the settlement and settlement of foundation should be calculated.

The choice of foundation treatment scheme should be in addition to the engineering design, and should be done according to local conditions, resources, conservation and environment, so as to achieve safety and economy. In the process of deep excavation, if it coincides with the rainy season, the surface water content of silt soft soil increases, improper construction method, will cause soil slippage, according to the actual situation of the field, the requirements of engineering progress, the characteristics of structural stress, fully consider the feasibility of construction, the pile cap and bearing platform around the backfill requirements for a certain adjustment, to obtain a better effect, after the foundation settlement, the maximum underground water level and the bottom of the Steel Silo warehouse should not be less than 500mm, otherwise should take effective waterproof measures.

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