Steel Silo In The Investment On A Significant Savings

Company to explain the use of Steel Silo and production process.

1. Large Steel Silo in use, to improve the land savings, then there are zero environmental pollution can be zero dust storage and emissions.

2. Large Steel Silo than the previous concrete warehouse in the investment on the savings of about 3/2, large Steel Silo also designed the bottom of the material out of the device, equipped with a complete set of materials within the library equipment, gasification system: a Is to prevent the material in the library boarding, the second is to achieve the effect of material within the library, the third is through the air pressure to material discharge effect, the entire Steel Silo in the process of a key to start the material, greatly saving labor.

3 company design large steel silo out of the material and storage has a state of advanced production process, Zhengyang Steel Silo design is the Steel Silo inventory rate can reach more than 95%, the amount of more than 200 tons per hour.

Large steel silo production and design considerations 1: In the early construction of large steel plate, the site should pay attention to the site to find a relatively high terrain, the groundwater level is relatively low position, because the groundwater is high, large steel library Is the floor-type steel plate base in the positive and negative below 3 meters or so, based on a number of corridors and more under the basis of the material, which greatly improved in the material out of the expected rate of material, large steel library library Material homogenization device, the device is Zhengyang Steel Silo company independent research and development of gasification tube, also known as fluidized rods are powder materials in large storage tank inside good equipment, large steel plate design diameter should be based on large steel plate storage materials to design diameter And height, large steel plate library foundation design generally avoid silt and high water level can be, large steel plate base diameter design and height is generally one to one structure, in the material and the library body is equipped with good. Large steel plate Steel Silo warehouse fly ash steel plate library fly ash warehouse warehouse warehouse are powder material storage equipment, the storage of materials are designed materials are homogenized equipment, storage of materials also have some precautions, large Steel storage materials to pay attention to those matters, large steel plate steel construction is completed, the storage material is divided into three times to store, 1 storage of material storage in the reservoir about half, you can, for large steel plate base to adapt. 2 storage in 1 storage can be a month later, the reservoir gasification is the library of fluidized rods and gasification tube installed after the completion of the normal operation of 2 days, the storage of materials is good, in the use of gasification Time is also to pay attention to the material stored in the general 3-4 days to open gasification homogenization, a homogenization time in about 2 hours can be, this is the time and days of gasification in the library, the library material homogenization time Is 2 hours, 3 days are once again.