Steel Silo Are Of Superior Construction

First, the superior applicability

Steel Silos in the realization of grain storage mechanization, automation has a very excellent performance, such as food transceiver, food monitoring and handling, ventilation, temperature measurement can be very convenient to achieve;

Second, the superior economy

Steel Silos are the least expensive to build in all silo types. In addition to the low cost of the silo itself, the base part is also low in cost. It is only 1/2 of the cost of reinforced concrete silos, which is compared with the existing brick and concrete silo. Save 20% of the investment. With the further reduction in the price of steel, construction costs will gradually decline.

Third, the superior constructive

Steel Silo has a high degree of construction, the basic requirements are simple, construction speed, free from weather factors. Users understand the superior performance of the Steel Silo, the construction should also pay attention to the following questions:

 (A), Steel Silo material selection Steel Silo usually choose ordinary models of steel to Q235 is better, easy to draw, the cost is low. If the calculation of the silo of the wall thickness of the device than the production capacity, the choice of low-alloy steel instead of Q235 material. Steel silos are usually galvanized to meet corrosion requirements. Therefore, the galvanized layer has become a very important indicator of Steel Silo construction, it directly affects the service life of Steel Silo, China's standards and foreign standards, requiring galvanized in the 400 grams / square meter.

 (B), the choice of the form of Steel Silo is now popular thin-walled Steel Silo has a favorable type and assembly of two forms, because of their different forms of structural characteristics. 2, high air tightness, can store water, oil and other liquid materials; 3, due to the smooth wall of the warehouse, the required thickness is more than the thickness of the material, Assembly bin.

 2, all components are standard components, with the replacement, the user in the use of the process, the use of hot-dip galvanized coil, flat, you can use galvanized sheet, 3, can be modified, the demolition, especially for the rental site of the user is very applicable; 4, can be achieved outside the column form, the grain flow in the warehouse more favorable; 3, can be used to improve the life of the container, 5, air tightness, but the use of silicone sealant, you can achieve the requirements of air tightness; 6, can be easily achieved double insulation structure, the cost increase is very small.

 (Three), the basic form of Steel Silo selection of the basic form of Steel Silo has a flat bottom and cone low two, flat bottom: the general diameter of the warehouse for the need to be equipped with sweeping machine or manual clearance, this form is relatively easy to build low. Cone bottom warehouse: taking into account the grain of the gravity, cone bottom form is a large number of selection, cone bottom is divided into all steel cone bucket, semi-steel cone bucket and cement cone three, from the use of speaking, the three are not much difference , But there is a way to use backfill. In the warehouse to fill out a cone, this method, while reducing the difficulty of the construction process, but wasted the Steel Silo materials and warehouse capacity, increased the amount of civil engineering.

Therefore, the user in the choice of construction programs, to consider the above aspects, so that the maximum cost performance, the investment effect of the most perfect.