Production Process Of Cement Steel Silo

In the process of cement production, homogenization is to ensure the stability of cement and water; quality requirements of the key process; to produce qualified products so far the whole process, the production of cement, Cement production process should be; as the Steel Silo homogenization process design and practical use of the problem;

First, the overall performance is good, long life Steel plate in the construction process, completely by the special equipment construction, in the rolling process, the body wall bite into a 5 times the thickness of the material, 30 mm -40 mm wide spiral ribs, greatly enhanced the load of the warehouse Capacity, so that the overall strength of the Steel Silo, stability, shock resistance is better than other positions. In addition, the warehouse material materials according to storage materials against corrosion and grinding strength requirements, the choice of the best plate ratio, making his normal life of 30-40 years. Far more than the other warehouse life.

Second, good airtight performance, wide use. Steel box warehouse due to the use of special equipment, bending, sealing, in the process to ensure that any part of the quality of the warehouse, so its seal is particularly good, you can store cement, fly ash, slag powder Materials, widely used in the building materials industry. Such as cement plants, power plants, grinding stations.

Third, the construction period is short, low cost Screw bitten Steel Silo warehouse site construction, warehouse top floor installation. Lippo construction equipment molding, bending line speed can reach 5 m / min, do not need scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities, and thus a very short duration. Spiral biting Steel Silo made of thin steel plate, the weight is only equivalent to the same capacity reinforced concrete warehouse steel weight, greatly reducing the cost. In addition, because it can be double-bending method of the cylinder inside and outside the two different materials bent, forming, can be more greatly reduced for chemical, environmental and other industries to store corrosive materials, the cost of engineering materials.

Fourth, covers an area of small, easy to manage. Spiral biting Steel Silo and other Steel Silos different height, diameter can be arbitrarily selected in a larger range. The distance between the two warehouses is as small as 500 mm, making full use of space and reducing the floor space. Spiral bit steel plate warehouse with a high degree of automation, coupled with temperature, material level and other equipment, the user management is very convenient.

Fifth, the high strength: steel plate continuous spiral undercut 5 times the thickness of the base metal, greatly enhanced the Steel Silo anti-load capacity.

Six, covers an area of less weight Light: Taizhong silo height diameter can be arbitrarily selected in a wide range, Steel Silo spacing as small as 50 cm, can make full use of space. The weight of the spiral crimping steel silo is only 1/6 of that of the same volume of concrete, and the weight of the steel in the same volume of concrete is the same, which greatly reduces the load on the foundation and the cost of the building.

The use of large cement Steel Silo, to carry out technological transformation; at the same time has been used in large steel plate cone cone bottom of the feasibility and reliability of the test analysis.