Precautions When Using Slag Steel Silo

Slag Steel Silo is a steel plate riveting, welding or combination of storage tools, the intention is to steel plate warehouse part, can also be a small Steel Silo. Slag steel silo is a steel plate silo that is assembled by pressing the high-strength bolts with a mechanical torque wrench after punching and pressing the plate into a corrugated plate. The wall of the assembly bin is corrugated, and the plate is usually galvanized. The thickness is usually 0.8 ~ 4.2mm, and the thickness of the wall can reach 8.4mm. Corrugated wall panels are mostly used in the rolling process, from the mechanical molding production line into mass production, the production line can be fully produced a variety of corrugated board. The advantage of the rolling method is that the wave type is successively molded, the internal stress can be eliminated, the elasticity is small, and the quality of the produced plate is better. Even the thicker steel plate can be formed in the order of the forming unit. Another molding unit and uncoiler, leveling machine, conveyor roller and hydraulic scale fly shear and other ancillary equipment can be directly processed into the specifications of the corrugated steel plate products.

Slag is a by-product of blast furnace ironmaking. In the ironmaking process, iron oxide at high temperatures reduced to metal iron, iron ore in the silica, alumina and other impurities and lime and other reactions to silicate and aluminosilicate as the main component of the melt, After quenching and forming loose, porous particles, that is, blast furnace slag, referred to as slag.

In industrial production, slag plays an important role, especially in some major factories. The use of slag made of refining processing for the slag cement, slag powder, slag powder, slag Portland cement, slag cotton, blast furnace slag, granulated blast furnace slag powder, copper slag, slag ground mill. Saving energy consumption. But the slag for the air has some pollution, many years of work in the mine personnel easily caused by slag caused by respiratory diseases. To reduce the probability of such a situation, slag steel silo, slag steel plate library, should come out! For the storage of slag to provide a convenient!

Anyang Wanfang Steel Silo Company has project consulting, civil engineering, technology, steel structure, electrical and other specialized ability. From the Steel Silo R & D design, to the construction of the project; from the early consultation, to after-sales service, so that customers really experience the professional quality. Here to give you a detailed explanation of the slag Steel Silo when the use of what matters?

Slag Steel Silo in the use of the main two points are divided into materials and materials warehouse. In the process of entering the warehouse, the top of the vault must be opened in order to minimize the concentration of dust in the warehouse (only when the storage of grain). The silo can be opened when the warehouse is filled. In the process of charging, never allow personnel to enter the warehouse work, if you need to enter, you must stop the feed, and the warehouse dust concentration reduced to allow the range to enter. In the material out of the warehouse, the top of the vents must be opened. Material unloading, should go to the warehouse to clean up, do a good job in the warehouse health, is conducive to the next use, especially the first discharge, must be emptied. In any case, it is not possible to open a hole in any position in the warehouse wall or bin cone, otherwise the manufacturer can not guarantee the quality of the steel silo. So that professionals provide professional services.