National Sheep-ton Silo 98%

Port logistics is to advance along the road to expand 21st century "Silk Road on the sea" and river-sea interconnection of national strategies. Recently, the reporter was informed in Muyang group interview, and storage capabilities in a leader  position.As the first domestic contractors million tons of bunker companies, and has the world's leading logistics storage technique and remains the largest tons storage records in domestic ports field market share up to more than 98% million tons of bunker to the leading power, creating a value system.

Shepherd silo has experienced 20 years of wind and rain,  along with the construction of China's port economy, Shepherd warehouse construction of Chiwan port, Xiuyugang, qinzhou port, Qingdao port, Rizhao port, port of Guangzhou,  Nanjing, Zhanjiang port,Dandong port, beilun port, Fangcheng port, Tianjin Port, port of Longkou, Dafeng port, Panasonic and other ton port plate warehouse group.