Management Of Vertical Silo Making Machine

Vertical Silo Making Machine as a modern storage warehouse, with a complete food reception, distribution, storage, cleaning, weighing and automatic control functions. But the silo in the long-term grain storage management process need to pay special attention to prevent the warehouse top grain condensation, knot arch and metamorphism occurred. Today, we talk about how to secure storage of Silo Making Machine!

Silo Making Machine Changes in food

Silo Making Machine Temperature: The grain temperature change in the middle of the grain and the middle layer is obviously smaller than that of the upper and lower layers. 1 year in January and January the lowest grain temperature, 8,9 month, the highest grain temperature. The grain temperature close to the cylinder wall in the bare bin is close to the temperature, which is close to the surface and the bottom of the grain temperature. The grain temperature is higher than that of the outer cylinder wall, and the grain temperature is close to the grain temperature inside the silo group. The grain temperature stratification is also obvious and conforms to the general rule.

Silo Making Machine Moisture: As the bulk of the internal air convection and hot and humid diffusion phenomenon, likely to cause the upper table food moisture increased, the formation of condensation. Silo Making Machine scattered food is no exception (especially the ventilation corner), the winter performance for the surface of the higher food moisture, the summer performance of the upper food moisture is higher (generally more than 2m deep, individual parts of 4m deep water is also more than 13% ). However, by sampling with the deep sampler and pouring from the bottom of the sampling test found that 4m deep grain moisture is generally kept in the safe storage of moisture within the standard, the food situation is relatively stable.

Silo Making Machine Pests: Cylinders stored pests generally have a higher density on the top of the table. Insects in addition to the grain with the grain into the warehouse, mainly by the outside world and the formation of infection. The main way of infection is through the gap between the upper and lower food holes and the passage between the mechanical equipment and the granary, such as the reduced pressure pipe, the slip pipe, the manhole, etc. Insect species by the frequency of the occurrence of the main rice lice, flat tiger, corn and so on.

Silo Making Machine Storage management

Silo Making Machine Timely ventilation, cooling precipitation: winter use of dry and cold climate for ventilation, and thoroughly through thoroughly, the grain temperature control in 10 ℃ below. Winter ventilation cooling, grain temperature from the lower part of the gradual decline (ventilation to take the suction ventilation, cold from the bottom into the warehouse). If the annual winter are the implementation of ventilation cooling, silo storage can maintain perennial low temperature storage (surface and bottom and near the outer wall of the small part of the food except). Into the summer, the temperature is high, then the main insulation, and combined with pest control insects.

Regularly spray pest control line to prevent pest infection: the storage of food pests, adhere to the main defense. When the spring temperature rises, the stored grain pests begin on a regular basis (usually once every half month) in the food access hole and between the mechanical equipment and the granary channel with pest control insects or dichlorvos spray pest control line. As long as the prevention properly, can do a warehouse only fumigation once a year, or even fumigation.

Check the grain on time: in the daily management, in accordance with the "grain storage technical specifications" carefully check the grain situation. Silo grain heap is higher, lower middle and lower water, the upper layer of water is high. Weekly detection of a water depth of less than 4 meters deep, pest situation, once a quarter to detect the middle and lower grain. Silo Making Machine, the center of the pressure tube near the outer tube wall, the four corners of the store is to check the focus of water and pests. The inspection data layer by layer with the last week, and even the same period last year to compare, analyze, observe whether there are abnormal circumstances, found the problem in a timely manner, the hidden danger in the bud.

Silo Making Machine Regularly put the grain to prevent the arch: adhere to the regular part of the warehouse for self-circulation warehouse, generally once a year in winter. Regular grain release can effectively prevent the decompression of grain in the tube; in the process of grain sampling to detect the underlying food quality, in order to achieve a full sense of the whole warehouse grain; at the same time in the inverted warehouse maintenance machinery operation. In addition, the quarterly operation of a mechanical equipment, its regular maintenance, to prevent corrosion, to ensure the smooth progress of food and warehousing work.

Condensation prevention: prevention of winter ventilation, summer closed, spring balance measures. Winter use of dry and cold air for mechanical ventilation cooling, precipitation; summer due to low grain temperature, external temperature is high, mainly outside the condensation, the water from the outside, so the warehouse should be closed, and the use of the corresponding insulation measures; Hot day, cool at night, should choose a favorable opportunity to start the fan, the balance of grain temperature, try to narrow the grain temperature difference, reduce condensation.

Silo Making Machine Condensation treatment: the upper surface of the food has been high on the surface of the problem, the use of mechanical ventilation in the winter while cooling the grain surface overturned precipitation. Other seasons if not suitable for ventilation, then with lime moisture precipitation.

Silo Making Machine Circulation fumigation thoroughly insecticide: silt fumigation due to grain thickness, fumigation gas penetration difficulties, by the gas itself is slow to spread, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of insecticide, so the fumigation in the general use of circulating fumigation. Can be used to reduce the circulation of the cylinder tube fumigation, ventilation and dust and dust explosion. Decompression tube circulation fumigation compared with the general outer circulation fumigation, good air tightness, save manpower, reduce labor intensity, shorten the time of exposure to poisoning personnel. In the fumigation insecticide operation should pay attention to the silence of the silo, the choice of pharmaceutical and prevent the explosion of phosphine gas and other related issues.