Large Steel Silo Almost Replaced Any Type Of Grain Depots

Steel plate is the mechanical roll and molded into a corrugated plate punching, what is the assembly of Steel Silo? Assembly Steel Silo referred to as the assembly warehouse, with electric torque wrench through the high-strength bolts connected to a steel plate Silos.

The construction of the Steel Silo has the following points to note:

1. Another forming unit and uncoiler, leveling machine, conveyor roller and hydraulic scale flying shear and other ancillary equipment can be directly processed into the specifications of the corrugated steel plate products.

2. Corrugated wall panels are mostly used in the rolling process, from the mechanical molding production line into mass production, the production line can be fully produced a variety of corrugated board. The advantage of the rolling method is that the wave type is successively molded, the internal stress can be eliminated, the elasticity is small, and the quality of the produced plate is better. Even the thicker steel plate can be formed in the order of the forming unit.

3. The wall of the assembly bin is corrugated, and the plate is usually galvanized. The thickness is usually 0.8 ~ 4.2mm. The thickness of the wall can reach 8.4 mm.

A plan for the storage of goods in a planned space made of steel. The development of steel plate warehouse has been more than 100 years of history, the first widely used in foreign countries, the application of grain storage plate silo originated in the early 20th century, according to its production methods of time division, its development has undergone a riveting or welding (Also known as Li library or spiral library), the settlement of the lap welded steel plate warehouse, the settlement is completely out of the anti-riot steel plate warehouse five stages. In the late 1970s, in the foreign food industry, large Steel Silos almost replaced any type of grain depots. At present, the United States 95% of the grain depot using large Steel Silo.

Style introduction

Single layer Steel Silo

Suitable for storage of metal materials, building materials, minerals, machinery products, vehicles, oil, chemical raw materials, wood and its products. Water transport terminal Steel Silo, rail transport Steel Silo, air transport Steel Silo multi-purpose single-storey building to speed up the loading and unloading speed.

Multi - storey Steel Silo

General storage department stores, electronic equipment, food, rubber products, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, chemicals, stationery, instrumentation, and so on. The bottom should be unloading loading site, loading and unloading vehicles can be directly into. The vertical transport of goods generally use 1.5 to 5 tons of freight elevators. Should consider the loading carts or forklifts can be opened into the elevator room to speed up the loading and unloading speed.

Cylindrical Steel Silo

General storage of bulk cement, dry ore ballast, fly ash, bulk grain, oil, gas and other gases. The architectural design of the cylindrical steel plate warehouse is determined according to the type of storage items and the way of loading and unloading. The top of the library, the library wall and the bottom must be waterproof, moisture, the top should be set up dust collector. In order to facilitate routine maintenance, to set the hanging hole, manhole (library wall ladder), the amount of hole and lifting hook and so on.