Large Steel Plate Library - Steel Silo Discharge System Core

In the 1980s and 1990s, China introduced the assembly Steel Silo, built the earliest modern Steel Silo group, so that China's Steel Silo construction has been an unprecedented development, led the cement, grain and other powder industry development, Social progress.

On the basis of the technique of slowly digesting and absorbing it, professionals have developed Lee warehouses and welding warehouses. Compared with the assembly warehouse, in the storage capacity, sealing degree and extend the life and automation, have been a certain increase. However, with the Steel Silo storage capacity continues to increase, and the material is always directly from the middle of the inverted cone at the end of the discharge, the edge of the material is always accumulated over the cause of dead zone, so that the warehouse out of the library greatly reduced. So this kind of technology only applies to small and medium-sized powder storage, can not be used as a large Steel Silo warehouse out of the library equipment.

For large steel plate library out of the problem, the library has adopted a pneumatic conveyor, vaporization tube and other technologies. As the reserves of large steel silo are particularly large, so the bottom of the powder at the bottom of the powder material under the enormous pressure, the bulk density is relatively increased, when large to a certain limit, the powder will agglomerate molding, which is Resulting in the evaporation of the tube is difficult to homogenize the problem. In order to solve this problem, but also the use of mechanical and steam combined with the composite technology, and then through the homogenization of the homogenization of the large steel library library out of the final rate of more than 90%.

And now the steel plate and more use of multi-point discharge and fluidized rod device, cutting angle, strength and gravity combination of cutting, the material is smooth, a high rate of storage, to ensure that even long-term storage of raw materials can still discharge. Single-zone fluidized rod length of about 5 meters, the middle without joints, low failure rate, and the same air volume inflatable pressure is high, conducive to cutting.