Large-scale Steel Silo More Advantages

Our production of large Steel Silo design and construction of advanced technology, high rate of evacuation, homogenization effect is good, the library equipment can be easily replaced.

1. Cutting angle, strength and gravity combined with the material, the material flow is smooth, the stocking rate is high, in the material to maintain normal homogenization of the case, to ensure that even long-term storage of raw materials can still discharge.

2. Single flow of the length of about 5 meters in the middle, there is no joint, the failure rate is low, and the same air volume inflatable pressure is high, conducive to cutting.

3. When a Steel Silo warehouse failure can temporarily out of the other area, does not affect the production.

4. Outlet holes are just above the corridor, easy to troubleshoot and repair.

The large Steel Silo due to the use of gas flow and the combination of gas pipeline special gasification discharge device, so that the first cement in the library fluidized state, and in the bottom of the library near the slope of the material from the slope, resulting in a level of mobile unloading Material, so even if the reservoir area is large, but also to ensure that the emptying rate of 95% or more. Discharge the pipeline to the cement out of the library, and then through the lifting equipment or pneumatic conveying equipment to the cement into the packaging or bulk cement tank. According to the requirements of the customer flow out of the library design, single pipe out of the library capacity of up to 500T / H, greater flow can be double and multi-pipe combination to meet customer requirements.