How To Do A Good Job Of Large Steel Silo Ventilation Work

How to do a good job of large Steel Silo products ventilation work, for this topic today to share with you:

1, the user should be sent to the Steel Silo management, not sloppy.

According to the relevant provisions of the state, storage, temperature and humidity testing is the response to the internal material warehouse in the use of the process, according to the natural storage materials and storage time, should take the necessary preventive measures (such as cooling, storage, etc.) to ensure that all kinds of materials Safe storage.

2, is strictly prohibited to increase the steel large Steel Silo additional facilities and load.

3, in the cabin for fire fighting to prevent dust explosion. Safety is the first, flammable and explosive materials work in the closed steel silo of the accumulation of environment, will be a serious security risk.

4, we should note that the transport equipment to support the use of large steel plate doors and other facilities from the use of self-sealing test should pay attention to the rain inspection site to connect large Steel Silo, to prevent rain into the large Steel Silo links, resulting in large Steel Silo material deterioration The

5, cement clinker storage, can not exceed 85 degrees Celsius, if the temperature is too high, easily lead to reservoir deformation, resulting in insecurity.

6, large Steel Silo inflatable, the pressure should not exceed 10-12 kg, to ensure that the top hole is smooth, such as the timely cleaning of the dust found that dust can be accumulated.

7, do not use eccentric loading, allowing eccentric discharge, wall hole is prohibited direct discharge.

8, regularly check the top of the warehouse ventilation holes are open, the pressure is not produced in the room too much.

9, the annual rainy season before the construction side should carefully check the corrosion of steel large Steel Silo, and regular anti-corrosion treatment.

The effectiveness of ventilation measures

A ventilating structure which is fixed to the top of the cylinder head and a vent hole which is fixed on the upper part of the cylinder through a bracket. The protective cover comprises a cover body and a cover, and at the outlet of the exhaust pipe There is a separation filter.

The cover and the top cover are integrally connected by bolts, and the top cover is provided with a handle. The utility model has the advantages that the steel pipe warehouse can effectively prevent the direct pollution of the powder into the atmospheric environment by increasing the exhaust cover of the exhaust hole on the cylinder and increasing the exhaust pipe of the exhaust pipe of the dust collector, and also can prevent the water from entering the room, So that the material agglomeration, so in order to better ensure the characteristics of the material.