How To Choose A Professional Clinker Steel Silo Construction Unit

Steel Silo is mainly used for storage of cement, fly ash, slag powder, clinker, grain and other powder, granular materials. What is clinker? What is the character of clinker? How should we choose to store clinker professional clinker Steel Silo manufacturer? Today we pass this 3 points to analyze.

What is clinker?

The ore concentrate and the pellets produced by the process of mining and breaking the ore-rich ore produced by the high-temperature granulation are called clinker. Blast furnace using clinker smelting can increase yield and reduce coke ratio. At present, all countries are committed to improving the proportion of blast furnace into the furnace clinker.

Clinker characteristics:

Clinker is divided into two kinds of slag and cement clinker.

Slag clinker: silicate industry in the clay or other raw materials by crushing mixed into a batch, and then calcined at high temperature after crushing into a certain particle composition of the powder. For the combination of ceramic and refractory materials,

Can play a barren effect, you can reduce the plasticity of the batch, and can reduce the body in the drying and firing shrinkage.

The cement raw material is pulverized into raw material. The frit after calcination is also known as clinker.

Cement clinker

Usually speaking of cement clinker refers to the Portland cement clinker, that is, the international Portland cement clinker referred to as cement clinker, it is containing CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 raw materials in the appropriate proportion of grinding into fine powder Into a part of the molten state, the calcium carbonate as the main mineral composition of the hydraulic cementitious material. The cement is usually referred to as Portland cement, which is made of silicate clinker, suitable gypsum and a small amount of limestone or granulated slag made of hydraulic cementitious material, sub-Portland cement and ordinary silicic acid Salt cement, which distinguishes it from the addition of the mixture.

How to choose clinker Steel Silo manufacturer

After understanding what is clinker and clinker characteristics, then how do we choose a professional clinker Steel Silo construction unit? Companies to have project consulting, civil engineering, technology, steel structure, electrical and so on

Professional ability. From the Steel Silo R & D design, to the construction of the project; from the early consultation, to after-sales service, every detail is responsible for professionals.

Anyang Wanfang combined with our actual situation, we have developed a large fluidized reservoir, powder material large steel plate library, assembly plate library, new insulation steel plate library, new flat steel plate library,

Structure, cement tank, fumigation warehouse, warehouse eaves horizontal cutting, a large cone of a molding technology, these results have access to a number of patents. Chief Engineer Wang Qingwei is the national industry standard (spiral curling scattered

Equipped with cement steel silo standard) drafters, but also the industry general calculation software programmers. We also and many foreign counterparts to establish a regular technical exchange system, at any time to master the world's most advanced Jiancang technology. We can provide you with advanced, economical and reasonable technical services for our storage business development, continuous efforts!