Gas Welding Technology For Large Grain Steel Silo

Corn Steel Silo, grain Steel Silo will be affected by high temperature? This topic is the next hot topic, grain Steel Silo, Steel Silo in the storage will be affected by high temperature weather, "thermal expansion and contraction" of the Steel Silo is no exception.

Large grain steel silos are, of course, deformed, especially when heated, for example, at high temperatures, the temporary local temperature may cause a large rise in the temperature of the Steel Silo to expand, making the deformation of the situation, but large Steel Silo has a benefit is that when the temperature drops, or can maintain the prototype,

Not to say that any good company did not appear large-scale Steel Silo rupture of the situation, of course, there will be such a problem, and how the problem is correct to solve it, large Steel Silo made of steel, of course, need to use gas welding and other amendments , So the time of welding on the need to have regular control, the need for professionals to deal with, such as gas welding is to use the gas as a protective medium to welding, the advantage is that you can very good visibility, the operation is relatively simple, you can See whether the solder joints we have to melt the phenomenon, gas protection welding gas from the torch nozzle continuous discharge, the formation of gas around the arc protective layer to prevent air, to prevent its tungsten, molten pool and adjacent heat affected zone Of the harmful effects, which can get high-quality welds. The shielding gas may be argon, helium or argon-helium mixed gas. In special applications, add a small amount of hydrogen. This is what we call the gas welding technology, of course, there are many other welding.