Discussion On The Design Of Dust Collection System In Steel Warehouse

Steel warehouse is currently widely used in the field of building materials, petrochemical, new building materials, food, water treatment and other industries, customers choose steel warehouse is not only because the steel warehouse investment province, the construction period is short, the use of safety also took a look at the steel warehouse Environmental protection effect, steel warehouse is a closed container, the top of the reservoir with dust system, in the corridor at the end of each set a dust collection point, according to the steel plate of the volume and gasification to determine the amount of dust collection system Air volume, steel silo design must take full account of the possible leakage of dust spots.

Choose the steel warehouse has the following indicators for reference: 1, steel warehouse layout to meet the technological requirements, but also reduce equipment investment and operating costs; 2, steel warehouse construction can give full play to the performance of steel, structural layout is reasonable; 4, steel warehouse construction technology is advanced, there are clear construction techniques and organizational measures, in the course of the construction process may be, the construction of the warehouse, There are good after-sales service system, the user's products on a regular basis to understand and update the technology; 6, choose a good reputation of the construction unit is an important part of steel warehouse construction.

According to the steel warehouse warehouse under the material point, the design of the slope of the reservoir filled, fill the weight to choose light weight, good compression performance, easy to construction materials, the filling material on the laying of gasification pipe discharge system, The physical properties, water content to determine, can not blindly apply the gasification tube layout, unreasonable gasification pipe layout is not only a waste of investment costs, and the discharge effect is poor, likely to cause the steel warehouse out of the board, the effect is getting worse. Finally, the selection and installation of ancillary equipment, equipment selection must be combined with customer demand and steel warehouse performance to determine, be sure that the steel warehouse to meet the premise of the operation of the process, reduce operating costs.