Detailed Process Design Of Steel Silo

Steel silo of the process design includes: raw materials to receive and clean up, drying, Jincang and out of the four parts. These four sections are described below.

First of all to explain the receipt of raw materials and reasonable, Steel Silo raw material receiving capacity is generally 3-5 times the factory production capacity, small factories take large value, take a small field value. There are three ways to receive and clean up raw materials: receiving and cleaning equipment arranged in the main shop, receiving and rationally located on the side of the Steel Silo, receiving and cleaning in the center of the Steel Silo.

Material drying. The purpose of drying is to remove the excess water from the material. Material to the water is to make the material in the evaporation of water, water evaporation needs to be carried out at a certain temperature, and autumn grain harvest temperature is low, especially in northeastern China is more serious, under such conditions, the material can not be directly warehousing, Must be dried to remove the excess water. Water evaporation is a complex heat transfer process, the moisture content of the material has a surface of the Lunar New Year and the inside who, the surface water is easy to evaporate, the internal water evaporates from the letter without the capillary to the material surface. Material drying mainly uses tower drying system. The system is mainly composed of drying tower and hot air stove. The drying tower adopts the building block structure, which consists of pre-storage section, primary stream drying section, slow flow section and cooling section. In the primary drying section, high temperature air and high humidity materials in contact with the heat exchange, which absorb a lot of water seal. After a dry material into the slow Su section, the material in this stage to stay longer, the material inside the water there is an external shift, ease the process. And finally into the cooling stage, the cooling section of the cold wind from the bottom of the drying tower reverse contact with the dry material, to prevent the occurrence of stress cracking due to quenching.

One of the characteristics of the Steel Silo is the weight of light, the ground is not demanding, and the right and reasonable choice of materials can save the land construction investment. There are four kinds of Steel Silo out of the way, all steel cone bucket out of the way, this material is the use of steel plate cylinder body and the basic platform to install a just cone, by gravity to make material gravity. Semi-steel cone bucket out of the way suitable for the diameter of 6-12 meters silo, flat floor trough multi-point out of the way the Steel Silo is suitable for large diameter flat bottom there is a flat sweep machine out of the way, more common in Foreign warehouses, the outlet is located in the central, when the material unloaded to the corner when they stop the flow, then open the warehouse within the sweep machine.