Advantages Of Steel Silo Equipment

China's use of the spiral biting Steel Silo warehouse basically used in the eighties of last century from Germany to introduce patented technology. Through a long period of research and use, Steel Silo in the design, construction technology development matures. been committed to the volume of equipment and steel-based Steel Silo, Steel Silo maintenance and maintenance, more than 10 years of experience, professional team, worthy of your trust. At the same time, the Steel Silo with excellent overall performance, airtight performance and light high strength, short construction period, small footprint, less maintenance costs and other advantages in recent years has been rapid development. At the same time, with the spiral under the edge of the Steel Silo and other advantages, making it widely applicable to the building materials industry, food industry, chemical industry and other fields.

In the storage equipment, Steel Silo equipment, simple structure, the cost is simple, making its rapid development, the user has been widely praised, Steel Silo relative to the ordinary cement Steel Silo which has the advantage of it.

Steel Silo and ordinary cement Steel Silo advantage comparison:

First, the overall performance is good, long life Steel plate in the construction process, completely by the special equipment construction, in the rolling process, the body wall bite into a 5 times the thickness of the material, 30 mm -40 mm wide spiral ribs, greatly enhanced the load of the warehouse Capacity, so that the overall strength of the Steel Silo, stability, shock resistance is better than other positions. In addition, the warehouse material materials according to storage materials against corrosion and grinding strength requirements, the choice of the best plate ratio, making his normal life of 30-40 years. Far more than the other warehouse life.

Second, good airtight performance, wide use. Steel box warehouse due to the use of special equipment, bending, sealing, in the process to ensure that any part of the quality of the warehouse, so its seal is particularly good, you can store cement, fly ash, slag powder Materials, widely used in the building materials industry. Such as cement plants, power plants, grinding stations.