Power Plant Bunker

Power Plant Bunker
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Powder plant bunker is used in large storage bin. With the industrial development of large-scale pulverized material production, the storage of pulverized material has become an indispensable facility.Large storage bin is an important invention of material storage.It not only solves the problem of safe storage of all kinds of materials in low season and short supply in hot season, but also is a kind of centralized storage of all kinds of materials and bulk transit storage.In the enterprise's energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection it has a very prominent effect. Powder plant bin is suitable for bulk cement and clinker granule storage of national grain reserve warehouse power plant fly ash mineral powder aluminum powder, terminal transfer warehouse medicine and chemical industry environmental protection grain oil feed building materials and other industries.In the cement clinker and the power plant fly ash use process, it not only can in the high seal safe storage, through the extension of storage time, reduce the storage loss, reduce the occupation area, but also can save a lot of investment, will create higher economic benefits for the enterprise.Large storage silo is made of steel plate to store things of the building or building group, can store granular powder liquid and other materials.Compared with the traditional warehouse, powder storage silo has the following characteristics:
1.Advanced design:With the scientific design concept of more than 20 patents of shape and internal structure, the diameter of the library body can be designed 15-80 meters, and the special needs can be increased.The ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1:1.1 and 1:1.5. According to the requirements of the site and the factory, it can be built into a single or multi row type.
2.Unique structure:The body of the silo is cylindrical, the top and bottom of the library are spherical, and the base is circular.
3.Large amount of storage:Single silo capacity is 1 to 500,000 tons.
4.Convenient input:According to the different materials and the factory, the elevator can be put into the silo by chute or pneumatic pipe.
5.Advanced output:The large scale steel sheet silo draws on the best of all,designed a new pneumatic warehouse delivery system, pneumatic pressure to the warehouse materials to the designated location.
6.Less investment in the early:The use of the steel plate silo can not only save about 50% of the building materials, but also save more than 60% of the land.
7.Safe and reliable:With the patented technology of vacuum sealing, all physical indexes are basically unchanged for more than 18 months after cement storage for 9 months, except for slightly longer setting time and slightly lower folding resistance, other indexes are basically unchanged.
8. Energy conservation and environmental protection: dust removal technology is adopted in the process of warehousing and discharging, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment.
9.Extensive usage:It can not only be used for cement fly ash reserve, but also can be used to store petrochemical raw materials such as grain feed.
10.Economical and practical:Low operating costs; Low maintenance cost; Long service life.

Power plant bunker

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