Wide application of steel grain silos on the farm

Many farmers want to build on-farm steel bins to store grain. The bins you may see on a farm are often much more than oversized canisters; many farmers’ bins are equipped with a heating and drying system to bring the grain to the appropriate moisture content. Some bins, separate from those with dry-down capabilities, are strictly for long-term storage of the grain. Within advanced equipments, galvanized Steel Silos can perfect meet the need of moisture and ventilation.

Having storage bins on the farm is really convenient. For one, the farmer doesn’t have to worry about moving the grain elsewhere (such as to an offsite grain elevator) during harvest, thus expediting the harvesting process. Also, using their own storage bins can also eliminate the need to pay another facility to dry down the grain, the cost of which immediately cuts into the farmer’s profit. And yet another convenience is that the grain stored onsite can be used to feed a farmer’s livestock.

After the grain (and we’re talking specifically about field corn) is dried down and stored, it’s gradually sold for processing or for livestock feed. The prices of corn vary from year to year and are determined by the stock market. Taken into account is how much land is farmed with that crop, the projection of how many bushels will yield that year, the demand for that crop, and more.

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