Steel forms the basis of several? Grain silo infrastructure is what?

Steel, steel plate granary has a high constructive, based on simple, building speed, not subject to the influence of weather factors. After users understand the advantages of steel, steel forms the basis of steel forms the basis of a flat-bottom and tapered low two, flat bottom silo: General warehouse for great diameter, to be equipped with scanning cartridge machine or manual clearance, this form of construction is relatively easy, and low cost. Conical bottom silo: considering pay artesian, cone form being used, conical bottom is made up of steel Cone, cement and steel cone cone three, from using the terms, is not much difference between the three, but there is a way to backfill method is used. Fill out a cone in the warehouse, although this approach reduces the difficulty of construction processes, but waste of steel materials and capacity, increased the volume of civil engineering.