Square steel silo

1 ensure the storage of rice quality: big water, impurities and imperfections more grains of rice, easy to heat mold, not durable reservoir. Therefore, improving the quality of storage of rice, is the key to safe storage of rice. Rice warehouse in time to dry or dry, and sieve or winnowing remove impurities. Rice water safety standards, according to variety, season, area, climatic conditions considered decisions.

2 ventilation in due course: new rice grain due to strong, moderate water high, should be timely ventilation, cooling rain. When the weather is cold, grain temperature should also strengthen ventilation combined with deep grain surface, sending grain hot and humid to prevent condensation. Can also insert a Diabolo rice tube ventilation cooling. Conditional to the use of mechanical ventilation.

3 low temperature closed: take advantage of cold, dry winter weather, ventilation, reduce the temperature to below 10 deg c, the water fell to below safety standards. Rising temperatures in the spring before the CAP closed for a safe summer.