Of food steel silos in daily use and maintenance methods

1, food warehouses before you reach the national standard of above average quality.

2 silo gas tightness must conform to the technical requirements established by the State. Especially in doors, Windows, and roof and wall joints, easily frustrated, has a good seal.

3, avoid excessive loading food blocked the top vents and the axial hole;

4, though its food warehouse into the food pile in the Center, but should not be higher than the highest point the top column, shall ensure that the high level is in the normal state;

5, you must use the special bolts for steel manufacturers to provide, any other replacement bolt is not allowed.

6, the warehouse does not allow unauthorized changes cut, including drilling holes and welding;

7, to prevent the cartridge body cracks, especially the emphasis on concrete carbonation, care should be taken using a special paint to prevent corrosion.

8, steel squat silo single-layer and double-layer steel silo should be to strengthen air tightness to prevent leakage, seepage.