Common faults of silo approach

1. The material difficulties: designing the perfect Foundation waterproofing, stringent ground requirements, pneumatic conveying and air-pressure balance must undergo a rigorous dry, wall air tightness must be strictly controlled. And underside of the corridor above the groundwater level. Must design the feed opening event of a failure to discharge valve in order to achieve the maintenance and replacement of the feed opening. And standby emergency discharge source for the material is designed for the safe qingku to deal with accidents to harden the material difficulties, such as fault.

2. the cartridge tips: priority using rigid base and rigid to ensure feed evenly stacked, and give priority to a single point out of the way. Multiple point discharge, which has its advantages, but due to human error or some of the feed opening fails, easily lead to deviation of material. More points out material although can tie corresponding of weighing, and measurement system to guarantee the points out material volume same, then prevent material partial contains, but due to statistics, errors of cumulative, and human errors operation, partial contains of possibilities actual is is high of, its main advantages is due to not occurred the Xia material mouth while occurred fault and led to large material save Yu warehouse within, conducive to reduced qingku workload and difficulty, this for single points out material for has highlight advantage. In addition multiple point discharge discharge rate is higher. In the soft soil, or the costs of constructing the Foundation can be used to allow the settlement of Foundation under, but in areas with higher soil bearing capacity, settlement of rigid-not based.