Cement silo technical issues

As an auxiliary device of cement concrete mixer cartridge factory-leg height is 1.5 m, also according to the user needs to make the necessary adjustments, but no matter how you adjust the legs are of cement silo must exist. When users purchase a cement warehouse, we consulted the customer, based on the user's usage and technical staff years of experience, giving customers the most appropriate recommendation. To save costs, some user will on cement warehouse for about two species improved: 1, and reduced support leg of height, results using Shi found due to support leg of reasons, makes unloading material mouth from ground is near, spiral conveying machine in conveying bulk material is tilt too big, cannot reached expected of using effect, on will brings is big trouble; 2, and cement warehouse of support leg than General of to high out, this General are not manufacturers recommends of, because, cement warehouse of support leg too high will has many aspects of effect, first is security hidden, support leg up to support whole A cement warehouse, too high reduce the safety coefficient, and inspection, cleaning and maintenance will be in trouble.

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In 2002 our company successfully developed the first set of SM40 type steel silo equipment and opened the broad market for spiral steel silo matched machines. In 2005,we successfully developed the SM30 type,which has the advantage of saving raw material and is more suitable for the construction site actual needs.At present,we has successfully developed the SM50 type large steel silo equipment,which is sure to make steel silo equipment has the new breakthrough,and is a new milestone for the development of steel silo equipment.Our products:Steel Silo Grain Steel Silo Silo Machine

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