Above-ground Storage Tank Construction Considerations and Industry Standards

Above-ground Storage Tank Construction Considerations and Industry Standards
If you are in the manufacturing and storage business and you need infrastructure for pipeline facilities, refineries, and similar settings, the smart move is to find a fabricator who is familiar with industry standards.
The construction of cylindrical steel storage tanks might accrue additional costs in the hands of an inexperienced contractor. The construction of the tank is only one aspect of the installation and requires methodical management of the workforce and efficient use of materials to be cost-effective and timely.

Industry Standards
The API 650 design is the American Petroleum Industry standard for the fabrication, design, installation, and inspection of welded storage tanks. It sets the minimum requirements for different sizes and capacities for open and closed type storage tanks made from steel and intended to contain crude oil and gasoline. Other products specified for this particular tank design are produced water and chemicals. The containment area’s internal pressure should be maintained at less than or equal to 2.5 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Foundation: A Critical Consideration
It pays to emphasize the importance of the foundation, which serves as the base and support of the tank. Not considering the soil basement is an erroneous move. Badly designed and installed foundations could spell a disaster. Imagine how a weak foundation of a fully loaded above-ground storage tank would give in a few centimeters at a time. Eventually, everything could fall apart and the consequences of a structural collapse would affect the entire community.

An above-ground storage tank that will contain thousands of gallons of liquid requires a strong foundation. Experienced builders consider the characteristics of the soil and the seismic properties of the ground in establishing the storage tank’s foundation. Care should be taken to ensure that the settlement is even and that the tank sits on a stable ground. In case of a tank failure, the foundation must be able to hold its own.

A tank project is costly, laborious, and risky. Hiring a good company to build an aboveground storage tank is the best decision you can make.