4000t Flat Bottom Corn Steel Silo

Performance: Shockproof, Fireproof, Pest Control, Airtight, Ventilation, Heat Insulation, Moistureproof

Type: Atmosphere

Material: Steel

Applications: Wheat, Feedstuff, Oil, Alcohol, Starch, Rice etc

Specification: according to your need

Construction Conditions: Simple

Shape: Silos

Color: Silver

Superior quality automatic  wheat steel silo  for sale

The process of flour milling (from wheat to milled into wheat flour) usually consist of the following:

1. Grain storage                 

steel silo, or warehouse

2. Cleaning system   

sifter, destoner, separator, magnet, scourer, etc

3. Dampening 

dampener, conditioning steel silo, etc

4. Milling system      

roller mill, plan sifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc.)Adopt frequency conversion roller mill or Pneumatic roller mill . Automatically adjust roller distance according to stock quantity and stock variety  

5. Flour pressure and blending system

if need

6. Flour packing and stacking

automatic packing machine,stacking machine

7. Controlling section -- PLC SYSTEM can be selected     

Equipment NameComplete Set  flour mill,flour milling machine, wheat flour millOutput40-2400T/24HrsMain Cleaning Equipment1).High-efficiency Virbration Sieve2).Destoner3).Corn Scourer4)Magnetic Separator5) compurter control dampenerMilling Equipment1) electrical Roller Mill2).Plansifter3)Purifier4)High Pressure Blower5)Impact DetacherFlour extraction rate(%)Grade 1 flour:72%-75%,Grade 2 flour:73%-78%  Design is with flour blending system. it is to satisfy customer's request on types of special purpose flour including bread flour, cake flour , biscuit flour, noodle flour etc.Size of workshopsteel structure & multi-story cement buildingSpare partone year complete set spare parts for freeAdvantage1. With advanced technical process and flexible adjustment2.Adopt various configuration modes for different choices. There arestreamlined design, reasonable layout, and beautiful performance.3. Electrical parts are all famous international brand : SIEMENS, OMRON etc.4. Full automatic.

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In 2002 our company successfully developed the first set of SM40 type steel silo equipment and opened the broad market for spiral steel silo matched machines. In 2005,we successfully developed the SM30 type,which has the advantage of saving raw material and is more suitable for the construction site actual needs.At present,we has successfully developed the SM50 type large steel silo equipment,which is sure to make steel silo equipment has the new breakthrough,and is a new milestone for the development of steel silo equipment.Our products:Steel Silo Grain Steel Silo Silo Machine

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