Lipp Silo

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Lipp silo has good overall quality and long life,
good gas-tightness and extensive usages,short construction period and low expenses,economizing on space and easy management.
environmental Protection:Treatment of domestic sewage and industrial waste water (including waste water of strong acids, strong alkaline and high salt contents)

biogas Projects::UASB、EGSB、CSTR、SBR reactors and biogas storage silos. 
grain storage:widely used in the storage of grains, food, brewery, cereals, etc.

cement and coals:Storage of oils, materials of crude oil and chemicals, granules and powders such as bulk cement, clinkers, cement raw meal, coal ash, etc.

Lipp tank shell, vertical cylindrical water tank, bell and guide. Bell is a dome   underside of open cylindrical structure between the sink and the bell is the activities of the cylindrical tower section. The gas pipeline through the water in the sink bottom and sink into the bell jar, the gas input or discharge. The bell and the tower section to rely on rail to ensure steady lifting.

lipp silo

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